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The Power of the Business Card: It Brands You and Creates a Source of Leads When You Collect Others

How often do you attend a networking event only to find you did not bring enough business cards?  Or perhaps the one person you want to connect with had run out of cards and all you could do is give them yours, with the hope they would follow up?

Never down play the power of a good business card and the leverage it can have.  Your Business card is one of the
most classic ways to brand you, your business or service.  They are inexpensive, portable and a powerful marketing tool.

Your business card helps you put your best foot … Read More

Marketing Elements Through Which Everything Flows

During the last six weeks the topics at our Mind Masters meetings have focused on the essential aspects of a marketing system. Yes, marketing is not only a system, it may be the most important system in any business. We recognized that before you can put all the elements into a system you must gather the “pieces parts.”

To help you determine the current viability of your marketing elements (and ultimately, your marketing system) let’s see what you have in place.

  • How about an active mailing or email list? Do you have from 500 to 2,000 on this list that
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The Yearly Dilemma

 By Barbara Eldridge

 Are you keeping up with the pace of change?  The pace of technology? The pace of your marketplace? The pace of your competition?  The Yearly Dilemma is how much do you and your business have to change to keep pace?  As a business owner you need to have information at your finger tips that help you make the best decisions. 

 Planning each year is a hands on process.  You might start by asking some tough questions. 

 Do you recognize the need for change?

Are you prepared to look reality in the face?

Are you willing to change … Read More

On Your Mark Get Set – Charge

Last Minute High Value Strategies to Achieve Your 2011 Goals
Monday, October 3, 2011 in Mission Valley from 9:30am – 12:30pm

Are you scrambling to finish out the year? Or are you just going to get by and get through to Thanksgiving and Christmas and THEN ramp up to go for your important goals in January?

Three months is plenty of time to make some serious progress on the goals you want to achieve. And in doing so, you could really position yourself for an exceptionally successful 2012. Now is the time to get clear, stay focused and take consistent … Read More

Does Your Business Need A Summer Boost?

Mind Masters June Strategic Business PlanningJust because summer has arrived doesn’t mean your business has to be on a break. True success doesn’t wait. And meaningful success comes by first identifying what mountain you want to climb. Building a business, like climbing a mountain, takes courage and keeping your sights on the goal. At this very moment, you are in one of these three positions – above, on or below your target. RIGHT NOW is the best time to review, reflect and if necessary, correct your performance before too much time and distance gets away. Take control of this time to create clear, easy to … Read More

2011 Breakthrough Business Summit

Increase Profit and Advance Your Business Success

As an entrepreneur and small business owner you have a unique opportunity in this market climate to take advantage of fewer competitors and your ability to be flexible. This is a great time to reinvent yourself, grow, expand and build a strong foundation for the future.

“This is the BEST time ever for your business!”

Join other small business owners on January 10, 2011, 9:30am to 3:00pm, at the Mission Valley Resort & Conference Center, 875 Hotel Circle South in San Diego and learn to take your business to the next level with … Read More

The Power of Ideas 2

Mind Masters members’ have skills, experiences and expertise that they willing share with fellow members each week. Again how you present yourself to your market creates a perception. With a highly visual audience, a good photograph is on of the essential tools. Our member Barbara Steinberg shared her expertise, so we all can manage the perceptions we want our market to have.

Tips from a professional photographer for a successful portrait session.

  • Review the photographer’s portfolio to see the style of his or her work.
  • Request a variety of expressions. Include a fun smile, a warm friendly smile, or a
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