The Power of the Business Card: It Brands You and Creates a Source of Leads When You Collect Others

How often do you attend a networking event only to find you did not bring enough business cards?  Or perhaps the one person you want to connect with had run out of cards and all you could do is give them yours, with the hope they would follow up?

Never down play the power of a good business card and the leverage it can have.  Your Business card is one of the
most classic ways to brand you, your business or service.  They are inexpensive, portable and a powerful marketing tool.

Your business card helps you put your best foot forward, so it is important that you recognize their value.  Unlike most flyers and
other forms of advertisements, business cards are often stored and saved for future use. They have a value that most dvertisements do not. So here are some tips for making good use of them.

  1.  Always keep business cards on you.
  2. At networking or business events the idea is to exchange business cards
  3. As you give yours out write some  added information on the back, people are more likely to keep it; perhaps
    a cell number or additional web or email information.
  4. Make sure your networking partners have  a good supply of yours and you theirs.
  5. Give out your card at non business  occasions, Church or school functions.
  6. Include your business card with every  letter or mailing that goes out from your business.

The key then is to have a way to manage the ones you receive.  You need to have a system that easily allows you to communicate, interact and engage with your contacts.  Your system should include grouping contacts and customers so that you can follow up and consistently stay in touch.

For information on creating a “Business Cards that Sell” check out Vicki Garcia’s article on the Marketing-Impressions

And if you need ideas on how to catalog your database Michelle Bergquist offers her insight and experience at   with her article “The Connected Yet Disconnected World.”


The Challenge: How many business cards did you get this week?  Get them off your desk and into your database and follow up with an article, a note, or a phone call immediately.