When was the last time you repackaged your services? If you don’t feel you’re delivering your Ultimate Outcome at the highest level possible on a consistent basis; if you’re not getting the response you want, or making the money you know you could with your existing services, you’re ready for a breakthrough.

You are provided a 5 Stage Business Building process that turns “intention” into action, defines priorities, gives you focus on your greatest needs and ensures you develop plans that increase your effectiveness with proven bottom line techniques. In addition you will experience a dramatic increase in personal motivation.

Come & Learn

  • Critical Success Factors for Growth
  • To see better profits from more focused fine-tuned plans
  • How to develop a solid plan you can readily implement
  • How to maximize results from your time, money and effort.
  • How to enjoy the experience of learning from others.
  • How to stay focused when the details are planned out.

3-5 Hours Quarterly Fee $49-139 per session


“Attending the Mind Masters Strategy Session hosted by Barbara Eldridge was the most productive event I have attended to date. I have a clear and concise vision of my goals this quarter Thank you Barbara!”

~Michelle Louise Caspole, Assessment Specialist