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The Power of Ideas 3

How many times has someone let you know there was a misspelled word on your flyer, brochure or web site? Those mistakes affect how professional you are perceived you to be. Again, when Mind Masters members’ have an expertise, they willing share it so their fellow members can gain some insight. Since small business owners do it all, Laurie’s editing tips were the perfect information we all could use.

Quick Proofreading Tips

Let’s face it: spell-check isn’t enough. Word processing software just isn’t smart enough to distinguish between “to,” “two,” and “too”; only a human brain can do that. The … Read More

The Power of Ideas 2

Mind Masters members’ have skills, experiences and expertise that they willing share with fellow members each week. Again how you present yourself to your market creates a perception. With a highly visual audience, a good photograph is on of the essential tools. Our member Barbara Steinberg shared her expertise, so we all can manage the perceptions we want our market to have.

Tips from a professional photographer for a successful portrait session.

  • Review the photographer’s portfolio to see the style of his or her work.
  • Request a variety of expressions. Include a fun smile, a warm friendly smile, or a
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The Power of Ideas

When you have a team of people who support each other in getting clear and sharing ideas, great information is produced. This of course has produced tremendous power in our Mind Masters groups. Napoleon Hill commented about it in Think and Grow Rich, when he wrote “Power is essential for success … Gaining power through the … coordination of knowledge and effort. . . .”. I want to share with you some of the knowledge that members have shared, that if used can affect how you show up in your market place for a more powerful brand.

Communication is one … Read More