The Power of Ideas 2

Mind Masters members’ have skills, experiences and expertise that they willing share with fellow members each week. Again how you present yourself to your market creates a perception. With a highly visual audience, a good photograph is on of the essential tools. Our member Barbara Steinberg shared her expertise, so we all can manage the perceptions we want our market to have.

Tips from a professional photographer for a successful portrait session.

  • Review the photographer’s portfolio to see the style of his or her work.
  • Request a variety of expressions. Include a fun smile, a warm friendly smile, or a professional expression.
  •  Ask the photographer for a clothing guide to help you select the right wardrobe for your skin tone and body style.
  •  Include at least two wardrobe changes. Bring a “casual dressy” outfit and an everyday look outfit. Depending on the purpose of your photograph, you may want to bring a business suit. Bring several changes to the studio.
  • Request a professional make up artist /hairstylist to be at the studio when you arrive. For women, it’s fun to pamper yourself and have a professional recommend colors or looks you may not have thought of. You can also incorporate the same techniques in your everyday look.
  • If you do your own make up and hair, spend time on getting yourself ready. Apply a good foundation and select colors that bring out your eyes and lips. Use hairspray to set your style.
  •  Include a close-up (head and shoulders) pose, a three quarter (head to knees) pose and full length if needed.

All these elements are vital for an effective photograph. You don’t have to look like a model to create a beautiful or handsome photograph, so invest the time and money to make it your personal best.

Barbara Steinberg, owner of Premier Photography, has been a professional photographer in San Diego for over 20 years. She’s a member of the Professional Photographers Association of San Diego Count. Call her at 858.272.9925 or visit her web site at