Membership FAQs

Frequently asked questions about being a Mind Masters member


Who comes to Mind Masters meetings?

Solo-preneurs who realize that going it alone takes too long. Most members provide services but are looking for business development structure for faster growth. If you have been in business for 2-5 years but you markets have changed, then you want new ideas to re-establish yourself cost effectively and within a reasonable time frame.

What do members get out of Mind Masters?

Beyond the support, ideas and accountability, it is the realization that in business as in life it is good to know you are not alone.

You already know your “trade” – why do you need Mind Masters?

Tunnel thinking leads solo-preneurs down a black hole – having access to one’s own “focus group”, think tank, advisory board helps find where the “light” is. Members share experiences that open new doors for growth.

Are there competing businesses within a group?

Generally speaking when members target a market overlap has not occurred. However the longer standing member has the option not to accept the competing service in his/her group.

Why is the cost lower then other coaching programs?

Some people build their practices on individual coaching which means they must bill dollars for time. The group environment changes that factor and gives you access to other expertise and experience.

Accountability – how does that work?

Along with a plan of action you are asked for a weekly commitment. This is where the “power of focus” and accountability kick in. It is the investment you make to the achievement of your goals.

How long do people stay in Mind Masters?

That depends on how profitable one wants a business to be. After the 3 month commitment it has been widely established that people alone in business flourish with the weekly support.

What kind of issues do people brainstorm about? What do people ask for?

Marketing is the most discussed topic, but people bring up organizational issues, delegation or employee problems. Certainly customer service grievances, policies and surveys get their share of discussion. These discussions open new decision making opportunities.

Is Mind Masters a networking group?

Networking groups have as their purpose, the exchange of leads. Although Mind Masters members do business with each other, you come to exchange information, support and focus as an Advisory Board provides.

Members share these characteristics:
Participate full time in a trade, business, and occupation
or professional classification for a minimum of one year.
Have direct responsibility for specific business results
Participate on a consistent basis
Bring to the group a high degree of integrity, openness,
team spirit, and commitment.

As Well As . . .
A non-judgmental attitude
A willingness to be accountable
A willingness to share
A willingness to listen
A willingness to take action