What is Your Marketing Strategy

marketing strategyRecently in a networking group a member was designated to be the speaker of the day. It was obvious that like many small business owners, this person was trying to be all things to all people. This helter-skelter method may have gotten him off the ground initially, but in this changing market he lost sight of where to find potential customers.

So let me ask you “what is your marketing strategy”? Have you created a laser sharp focus for sales and marketing efforts. I am talking about a foundation upon which you create all future materials, plans, messages and advertising so that you can stand out to your ideal customer.

In his book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, Gino Wickman urges readers to look inside at their own experience and core focus. This commitment to one’s own core passion is the motivating source that keeps you and the business moving forward.

Now back to my headline question; one of the key components for a laser-sharp focus for your sales and marketing efforts is a complete marketing strategy. it may be the most important strategy in any business. Before you can put all the elements into a strategy
you must gather the “pieces parts”.

Many entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses by doing the work of the business from day to day, living fully in the present to keep the business going. But to create a business that’s future-ready and future-proof, you need to have future vision. Makes sense, right? That’s what you’re a good Marketing Strategy does. It’s a clear and vivid picture of how your business will look, act, feel and perform.