Tap Your Massive Potential for Greater Success

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you already mastered, you will never grow.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

As you look to preparing for 2024 you must positively expect good things to happen.  Your belief and attitude about business, money, relationships, education, IQ, the government, what you’re capable of, how deserving you are and more will be the seeds that determine your success.

Your negative beliefs or catalog of regrets are what science calls negative bias, and are what hold you back. What it will take to set your plans in action is learning how to install new beliefs, and attitudes.

You might remember when I challenged you a few years ago to find your WHY (Simon Senek). It sent some people out seeking a mythical key needed to be acquired before tapping into their potential. I remember it took me 2 years reading and researching to discover how I was going to fulfill my potential by finding my WHY. 

And yet when we begin, we start with the same question where do we want to go next? If looking towards the future isn’t providing you with any helpful answers, I am going to challenge you to look at the past.

Yes, it is a busy time, working to finish the year on top of the goals you set, while enjoying all the holiday celebrations.  This is your time to stop and reflect because it is so easy to under appreciate the things that have been accomplished. Yet many can only recall all the mistakes and failures that occurred. 

If you only remember those mistakes and failures, you will not be ready to take the risks that will lead to expanding your potential for success. To begin the year with an anticipation of growth and success you need to build your self-esteem based on all the ways you succeeded.

Remember it is not just the big things that help you grow, write down all your “best moments”.  When you face a new challenge or set your 2024 goals, review your list, it will begin to tell your brain that you are an ACHIEVER – that you can do anything. 

Challenge: Surround yourself with things that symbolize and reinforce your achievements and successes.