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Your End of the Year Checkup!

Over the years as we go about this last quarter I have recognized the importance of focusing Mind Masters members on the topic of managing what’s behind the scene, the financial status of the business. We started our businesses because we wanted more personal freedom and possessed valuable knowledge and skills in a specific industry or profession. However, many of us didn’t start with a clear picture of the business we were going to create. Instead, we went out and did what we were good at and the business was built around us.

The question I like to pose is … Read More

It’s Time to Poke Yourself!

The second half of the year has arrived! Are you at the mid-point for your 2019 Goals and Objectives? Or are you finding all the drive that brought the initial motivation and excitement has melted away, the steam has run out, the place you are in is comfortable and the dream world has slipped out from under?

Perhaps the goals you set were so big you feel beat up in the process to achieve them. Or you have achieved that big goal and don’t know where to go from here. Having worked with small business owners over the years, these … Read More

Commitment Counts!

Commitment is the Mind Masters theme for this year.  This can be the year of your dreams, the year of great accomplishment, the year you realize and utilize your untapped potential; the year you achieve long sought after goals in all areas of your life. This year will be exciting and rewarding only if you make it so.  You ask how can I determine to make it such a year?  The year will hold accomplishment, realization and achievement only if you commit to making it happen; only if you enter and live each day with the commitment to your goals.Read More

Preparing for a Profitable 2018!

By Mary Jo Ray

We are down to the countdown for finishing up the year. In addition to pushing to reach your goals for this year, you need to look at what you learned this year to set the foundation for a more profitable 2018. Spend time to look at your financial statements and figure out what brought in money and how profitable it was. Look at how much money each service or product brought in and all the related costs. The related costs include the marketing dollars you spent and the time you and/or your staff spent. Start by Read More

Make it a Million Dollar Day!

Over the years in weekly Mind Masters meetings I end our meetings by encouraging members to use their power to make it a “Million Dollar Day. But what MAKES it a Million Dollar Day?

Everything in life starts with thought! As you think about the day ahead, how will you measure it? Most of us plan what we will do, but how many of us think about what will make it a truly successful day.

“This dynamic plays out in and around our lives every single day. Our thoughts drive our experience. Thoughts do, in fact, become things. Things like

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Do You Have a Personal User’s Guide?

Guest Article By: Karl Bimshas

If you did not come with a user’s guide, write one.

You might think working with you is a dream. You are in your head all day, so, you know your intentions and beliefs better than anyone else, and I am sure they are all sound and reasonable. The problem is; no one else is in there with you. Even your closest allies, those who know you inside and out, are sometimes sideswiped by your actions.


Because you are not nearly as clear as you think you are. You did not come with a … Read More

Up Your Game!

When I came across this article a few years back I recognized that it spoke to the small business owners that I have worked with over the years. Mind Masters has always been there to keep members focused on the high priority, high payoff areas of their businesses, but overcoming the battle of what putting a price tag on what they do, especially in the service sector, is sometimes their biggest hurdle. John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing speaks to that issue in a very direct way. Here’s the article he wrote in 2007, use it to up your game.… Read More

The 11th Hour – Decision Time

We are in the 11th Hour – November 2016- decision time to end with a bang or whimper!

Our newsletter last month was a full on wake up call to make sure your financial records are in order before taxes are due and to know where you are overall from a profit and loss perspective.  Hopefully you have taken some time to review and catch up.

This is also the time to assess some other aspects of your business and yourself. A strategic analysis is directed at looking at where your business is positioned in the present market. But … Read More

Time to Start Preparing for Year-End

By Jane Gilpin, CPA

With the fourth quarter well under way, it’s time to start thinking about the end of the year.  This is a busy time for everyone, especially for you as a solopreneur or small business owner.  A new tax filing season looms, so this is the perfect time to focus on the following tasks to help you get your taxes in order and your business planning off to a good start.

  • Get Your Financial Books in Order
  • Review Your Business Position
  • Gather Tax Documents and Consult with Your Tax Preparer
  • Plan for the Coming Year. 
  • Get
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Ten Step Annual Checkup for Business Owners

Financial Advice for your small businessMy friend Steven Leibold, San Diego Business Advisors, is an experienced tax accountant whose Ten Step Annual Checkup for Business Owners was our topic for last week. See what you may need to work on.

  1. Review all systems, policies, and procedures – Basically take a look at your business and see what is working and what is not working for you. If there are pieces of equipment, or procedures you are following that are out dated or not being used, no reason to keep them around. Improve upon what is working well, fix items that are worth fixing, and
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