Benefits & Pricing

Whether it’s 12 Step Programs, Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, the power to achieve in a group, what is difficult to accomplish individually, is impossible to deny. This is the principle of Mind Masters Groups and successful business owners and entrepreneurs know that they are essential to turbo charge business growth and profitability.

Mind Masters Groups create a synergy of energy, commitment and excitement. The beauty is that participants raise the bar by helping each other implement goals, brainstorm ideas, create solutions, and offer mutual support. Each Facilitator explores how the Group can enhance your business and while creating personal and professional and financial growth.

When opportunity presents itself as a door to a new level of success, only the proper key can we open the door to new opportunities. Mind Masters is that key, taking you to places you never thought possible. You are invited to open the door and experience the power of having a motivated network of support, training, advice, troubleshooting, inspiration and challenge, from a group of trusted associates.

Could you use some support to help you set, reach and add vision to your goals? No great entrepreneurial enterprise is ever created in isolation. Surround yourself with smart business owners and you’re much more likely to succeed.

Participating in the brainstorming experience is the best way to understand the “POWER” of the “master mind” concept.


Services  Program  Duration  Fees
Local Meetings Topic & Brainstorming 1.5 hrs weekly Initial: + | Monthly: As per leader
Phone/Personal Consulting Strategy & Accountability 1.5 hrs weekly Initial: + | Monthly: As per leader
Workshops Quarterly 3-5 hrs Leader options
Consulting One-on-one 2 hrs (minimum) Leader options



Licensees have access to valuable resources to help you to build relationships with clients, prospects and referral sources that supports a proven process for your business growth.

2 hour min. Fee $200


Why Consider Joining Mind Masters?

  • Which of your goals have you set repeatedly and not done?
  • What one thing when you do accomplish it, will give you the boost in other areas?
  • Are there big goals you have not yet dared to go after?
  • What 1 or 2 major goals would you set if you knew you had the support and experience of a team behind you?
  • Is it important to get leverage on yourself in order to stay focused and clear on your objective?
  • What will be the results if you never accomplish these goals?

If growing your business is something you dare not leave to chance – do plan to visit one of our groups soon.