Leadership at the Top

Barbara Eldridge, Founder

What would you give to have a trusted advisor who was also a small business expert? Someone who understood your concerns, had talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs and was right on top of today’s most progressive thinking. Someone who could connect you to other small business owners, hook you up with resources and give you the direction you need to avoid the pitfalls of business ownership. Look no further. Barbara Eldridge is that person.
For more than twenty-five years Barbara Eldridge has been contributing to other people’s business success. Her many years’ experience in the corporate world provided her with knowledge, insight and presence to help thousands of entrepreneurial men and women nurture their business ventures into thriving successes.

Barbara founded Mind Masters in 1991 as an organization for entrepreneurs to master the challenges they face in an ever-changing market place. Barbara has a vision of Mind Masters to provide a value based program so that business owners could harness the power of each members’ success, make wise business decisions and realize their dreams.

Working one-on-one, Barbara’s extraordinary expertise in the areas of sales, management, client relations, product development, marketing and systems planning are the solid foundation of her 25 year winning method of supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs. The fact that over 95% of MIND MASTERS members see an increase in business directly related to working with Barbara is testament in itself. However, it is inspiration that Barbara uses gracefully to assist others in achieving their business goals combined with her sincere belief in human potential.

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