One-On-One Consulting

All Group Leaders are available for individual coaching and/or consulting.

Barbara Eldridge has extraordinary expertise in the areas of sales, management, client relations, product development, marketing and systems planning are the solid foundation of her 25 year winning method of supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs. The fact that over 95% of MIND MASTERS members see an increase in business directly related to working with Barbara is testament in itself.  However, it is inspiration that Barbara uses gracefully to assist others in achieving their business goals combined with her sincere belief in human potential.

Dave Ray brings a strong background in organization and technology as well as the experience of owning and marketing a successful business.

Erin Samaniego has spent over 20 years in the personal growth and development arena coaching hundreds of people to go beyond their limits and pursue what is important to them.

Karl Bimshas has a specialty in management and leadership within large and small companies. He has assessments that can help you understand how you manage as well as what your employees need to keep them productive and motivated.