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Become a Leader in Your Small Business Community

If you enjoy Contributing to the Success of the Entrepreneurs around You, Are a Small Business Consultant, or Have a Background in Sales, Marketing, or Related Field – This is for you!

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Leverage Your Expertise.  Become a Certified Mind Masters Group Leader

Many startups and small businesses flounder…working in isolation…spending too much time looking for solutions. With your help more small businesses in your community can succeed and prosper!

Be the Answer

Build Your Coaching Business Exponentially with the Proven Mind Masters Model.  Significantly Increase Your Income While Helping Others to Succeed.

Most business advisors work one-on-one with entrepreneurs.  This is inefficient…the opposite of working smarter.

A Certified Mind Masters Group Leader brings small business owners together weekly in dynamic groups to benefit from both the leader’s expertise and the wisdom of the crowd.

We have been running Mind Masters groups for small business owners for over 25 years.  We’re passionate about teaching others to run groups of their own.  Mind Masters will provide you with all the tools and systems you need to build a successful Mind Masters practice in your area.



Entrepreneurs Love the Group Experience

A Certified Mind Masters Group Leader knows how to guide entrepreneurs through a process together. He or She is trained on techniques to draw out challenges and ideas of the group members.
Group Leaders focus on how participants share in the process of learning and planning, problem solving and creating practical action steps. We’ll show you how.

“Mind Masters has played a large part in the growth of my business. The many aspects of Mind Masters such as accountability, group discussions with other business owners, weekly topics which help businesses to grow has been very effective in growing my company.”
Kathy Cazin, Accountkeepers of San Diego

It looks easy, but it’s not. Lots of consultants, organizations, and chambers of commerce have tried to make groups work and failed. Mind Masters has a 25-year track record of running successful groups. We’ll show you how.

A Certified Mind Masters Facilitator knows how to help business owners reach their goals, succeed faster and less stress.

Mind Masters Supports Your Marketing Efforts, Gives You Tools to Make an Impact and a Proven System That Has Worked for Over 25 Years.

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If This Isn’t Enough…We Will Help You Market in Your Area and Send You Referrals! You Can’t Lose!

You’re at the point of decision. You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you have already been traveling or you can choose the road less traveled. The path of least resistance will probably result in you getting the same outcomes you’ve always received.

But, if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your business and income, you must do something different. Make a new choice and pursue your new outcome.

Mind Masters Is Offering Certification and Training In The Mind Masters Proven System With All The Bells And Whistles For a Once-In-A-Lifetime Introductory Price.

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