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Business Security: Behold Your Customer!

We are living in a world of change. Competition is engaging in price wars, customers expect more for their dollars. Businesses can no longer be in the business of selling products and services—you must be selling a “customer experience.” According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek Research Services “a customer experience is not one thing but many: It is the practical and emotional manifestation of how a company delivers on the promise it makes to its customers through … every direct and indirect customer encounter a company has across all its customer or enterprise functions.”

Ultimately, your business exists to do two things:… Read More

The Yearly Dilemma

 By Barbara Eldridge

 Are you keeping up with the pace of change?  The pace of technology? The pace of your marketplace? The pace of your competition?  The Yearly Dilemma is how much do you and your business have to change to keep pace?  As a business owner you need to have information at your finger tips that help you make the best decisions. 

 Planning each year is a hands on process.  You might start by asking some tough questions. 

 Do you recognize the need for change?

Are you prepared to look reality in the face?

Are you willing to change … Read More

Meet Our Members

Upcoming event information:

Interview with Kathy Cazin and Linda Harris Online – Details will be sent upon registration

Date: 15 July 2010, Thursday 02:00 PM

Kathy Cazin of Accountkeepers of San Diego helps clients set up an accounting system that is custom tailored to their needs.

Kathy and her staff help make it work for clients because they are QuickBooks experts who specialize in setting up home and business financial records for keeping track of where the money is being spent. Their instructions are explained at a level that’s easily understood by everyone, beginners to advanced. Soon a “word person” … Read More

Make Customers Your #1 Priority

To maintain on going relationships with clients/customers requires a consistent program that delivers value and meaningful actions. If you are not working at strengthening those relationships you are making it easier for your competitors to insert themselves into your market place. So what values (that require specific behaviors for them to be visible) and actions are you taking to facilitate a memorable customer service process?

We frequent the same restaurants and fast food establishments because we get what we want consistently. When they don’t deliver, we move on elsewhere. A few years ago my favorite coffee chain introduced a new … Read More

Customer Relationship Management

Over that last few weeks several articles and books have crossed my desk that deal with the relationships we develop with customers. Of all the ways to keep a business growing, increasing the frequency of interactions we have with clients is probably one of the most important. We would all love to boast a long list of loyal customers; when we increase the effectiveness of all of our business practices, the list increases.

To sustain profitability and customer loyalty, offering discounts or cutting prices may bring in new customers, but keeping them requires a different level of customer service. Good … Read More