The Power of Ideas

When you have a team of people who support each other in getting clear and sharing ideas, great information is produced. This of course has produced tremendous power in our Mind Masters groups. Napoleon Hill commented about it in Think and Grow Rich, when he wrote “Power is essential for success … Gaining power through the … coordination of knowledge and effort. . . .”. I want to share with you some of the knowledge that members have shared, that if used can affect how you show up in your market place for a more powerful brand.

Communication is one of the necessary skills for branding ourselves in the market place. One of our members shared her communication tips which highlights the kind of expertise that members share.

5 Power tips for Communication:

  1. The Power of a Story: A compelling story can grab attention the hearts of your audience. What personal story can you tell that connects you to your topic and audience?
  2.  The Power of the Pause: Most compelling speakers are masters at the Pause. They know just when to use silence to draw you in. Unfortunately, many business speakers just want to finish their presentations quickly – so they rush through and leave themselves breathless. Don’t be afraid of silence – it’s powerful!
  3.  The Power of Inflection: Use vocal variety in your speech. Change up your volume, emphasize key words, see if you can color your speech with your own emotion and passion for your topic.
  4. The Power of Animation: Let your body move naturally during your presentations. Get rid of the extra energy that you feel by moving around. Don’t pace or rock back and forth – but do move your feet. Plant your feet and look at the audience when you are making a point. You’ll have a much stronger impact.
  5. The Power of Eye Contact – Look at people directly in the eyes. Remember, you can only talk to one person at a time no matter how many people are in your audience. Connect, one to one.

About the author

Dana Bristol-Smith is the founder of Speak for Success, an organization that works with companies that want their people to communicate with confidence and credibility. You can contact Dana  here.