What Can Accountability Do for You?

Most small business owners don’t have anyone to report to on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Sure, you’re self-starters, you’re proactive. You get stuff done—and in some cases, at least some of the time—you get a lot done.

And you like not having to answer to others, and want that freedom and independence. You wouldn’t be in business otherwise.

But I think if you’re honest with yourself, you have to admit that you don’t always do as much as you could. Sometimes you coast. Sometimes you do what you like to do instead of the most important things to do.

As a recent new Mind Masters member commented “I have been inconsistent and find myself jumping from one thought to another or one task to another…” Does that sound familiar? 

There was research done on the top characteristics of CEOs that found 81% shared very strong motivational skills of self-management and personal accountability. As small business owners , wearing all the hats, that picture doesn’t often fit.

You set goals and plans, but what’s the point of making commitments, or setting a goal if you have no intention of honoring, keeping or achieving them? If you’ve got a great goal, idea or opportunity but no personal accountability to see it through to the end, you really don’t have much!

Accountability serves and protects your character, credibility and commitments. It ensures that what you want to accomplish gets accomplished. Accountability can also become more self-motivating. It is all about integrity, it’s about being as honest with yourself and others as you can be.

Accountability means living by choice, rather than living by accident. It’s an opportunity to carve out the future, rather than sit back and see what happens. Without accountability there are few opportunities for breakthroughs.

When you are accountable to your promises, you are your word; thus, your relationship to others (and the whole world) shifts. Practice noticing how often you break your word and make excuses for it and how having a lack of accountability doesn’t serve you. 

Sometimes it means reaching out for support. As Mind Masters member and leadership coach Karl Bimshas puts it “The camaraderie that comes from weekly accountability and celebrations (at Mind Masters) of personal or professional achievements and accomplishments gives focus and urgency to my goals. The brainstorming sessions give me a safe space to learn from and contribute to fresh ideas.” 

You see, you’re not rewarded for your intentions; you’re rewarded for what you accomplish. And whatever you can do to increase your ability and your accountability will pay big dividends. 

It’s already July: there are six months left in this magical year. How well do you rate on your ability to motivate yourself and stay accountable for goals big and small? 500 successful CEOs score well, they have internal advisory groups, you can do the same. 

How about you? Are you willing to have more accountability and increase your standing in reaching your goals? And you do have a mastermind team, right? The accountability factor is only one of several outstanding reasons to join a mastermind team. I encourage you to avail yourself of that and the many other benefits of our program. I guarantee you will get more of the right things done in achieving your most important goals.