Build From Your Strengths

As business owners keeping pace with the changes in technology can sometimes =, it reminded me of one of the keys I wrote about in my Master the Game of Business book, “work from your strengths”. 

You have the opportunity to do what you do best everyday; but chances are you don’t because you are not investing your time making the most of the strengths, skills and resources you already have. Psychologists have studied the effect that when you’re focusing on strengths, you have higher productivity and increased overall satisfaction with results. 

When a business owner focuses on the businesses strengths, they come to the marketplace with a solid competitive advantage. Each year when I present the SWOT analysis at the Summit I suggest that each person work on it from the standpoint of the Strengths of the business in the marketplace and the owners’ individual strengths. What you do everyday shows up in how productive you are. The strengths of the business need a different emphasis. Here are a few business areas that you need to consider about how your strengths show up:

– What is your company’s competitive advantage? 

-Do you continue to build credibility and positioning by asking for testimonials? 

-How extensive is your network? 

-What are the strengths of your marketing? Do your marketing materials consistently communicate your right marketing message?

– Do you have a well-known brand? 

-Do you have proprietary technology, intellectual property or other valuable proprietary information?  

-How well capitalized is the business? 

-Can you easily access additional capital if needed? 

-Do the business’s profit margins and other financial indicators compare favorably to industry benchmarks?

Being in business requires knowing ourselves and what moves things forward in the business or holds us back.  We produce results when we come from a position of strength. Define your strategy to strengthen your core business to thrive in this unpredictable economy. 

Complete a new to-do list, focus on that highest-priority task until it is done…finished…delivered. Your sense of accomplishment will bolster your resolve to work steadily on other tasks. Manage your time effectively and see tasks through to successful completion. 

This is the wake up call.  Once you accept that your on going success must come from you, you can build a comprehensive program that will keep you moving forward.  You are the catalyst for your business, you must press on, you cannot afford to stand still.


The Challenge: To stay on top it takes being strong.  What are 3 of the strengths you need daily to stay on top of your business?  Did you capitalize on them today?