Commitment, Your Best Execution Strategy!

What comes to mind when you think of the word COMMITMENT? Hopefully as a business owner you understand that commitment requires a program of goal setting joined with a decision to take action.  Being a self-starter means you are focused on a desire that you hold in expectation with a belief that it will be realized.  

The challenge comes when the words you use about yourself, your dreams, and those around you impact you, in a way that most of us underestimate. Words are our first weapon in the battle for keeping our commitment to what we say we want. It is by the power of your words that you can give life to your goals or take it away. I try and emphasize this weekly in Mind Masters meetings when I share that we can make every day a Million Dollar day simply by being aware of the words we use.

COMMITMENT keeps your attention focused on what you want rather than issues, obstacles or problems. It creates a structural tension: when you keep your eye on the result you want, you are naturally pulled toward it. Without COMMITMENT you lose sight of the result you want, you lose energy and power.

The greatness of your accomplishments depends upon your understanding and application of the principles of commitment so that you are able to visualize a concise and clear picture of precisely what you imagine yourself to be, have and do. 

Your Commitment activates your Desire with an intensity that creates in every new day an opportunity to earn and justify your rewards; to develop the consciousness and habits of success (self-discipline), to seek greater heights and accomplish your dreams.

Commitment also helps you maintain and develop a sincere Belief in your ability and worthiness to attain your goals, so that you willingly take the Action necessary to see your Goals accomplished.

The Challenge: Have you held to your Commitment strategy to success so far?  Stop and recognize how it feels to hold to your intent, while chaos reigns around you.  And begin to become aware of what you think and feel about yourself.