Are You a Tortoise or a Hare Entrepreneur?

It is not always easy to tell the difference between the winners and the losers just by a casual look. When you consider the tortoise and the hare story there are valuable things you can learn.  They both gave their best effort but that is not the only thing that produced results. The strengths of the hare were speed, fun and a positive attitude that he could win.  The tortoise on the other hand was focused, had a positive attitude and had an expectation of success.

As we step into this New Year, what characteristics do you need to build on to achieve the goals and results you have set out for yourself?  Although you are a unique personality which determines the approach you use in any given situation, winners share some general attitudes that are basic to success.

I challenge you to see where you are in relation to these winning characteristics:

    • Winners think positively – they discover what can be done, rather than worrying about what cannot be done.
    • Winners are willing to pay the price – they willingly invest their time, energy and money in their own success.
    • Winners are willing to make a personal commitment – they are willing to go slow and steady, focused on their purpose until it is realized.
    • Winners accept personal responsibility – they acknowledge their mistakes or failures and learn from them.
    • Winners expect to succeed – they have goals that move them in the direction they want to go.
    • Winners use their creative abilities – they cultivate it, exercise it, and trust it.
    • Winners never quit – they have committed to something that is too important to leave to chance.

Attitudes are chosen, so as you look to what you want to accomplish this year recognize you may have to alter some old attitudes and adopt some new ones. It is not always easy or quick, but definitely possible with undeniable rewards.

The Challenge: Get really clear about the commitment to the Goals you have set for 2014. Write a statement that clearly identifies what attitude needs to be strengthened in order to be a winner.