What’s the Real Power of Your Brand?

For small business owners it might be scary to realize that You are the “power” of your brand. Power is not often looked on as a way of describing yourself. You might even hesitate using power words to describe what you do on your business cards.

So how do you develop the expertise necessary for your power to show up? Make a significant contribution in your area of expertise by becoming known as a leader, with the articles you write, presentations you make and how you serve.

Recently one of my clients has been curating articles on Business storytelling. As she began to tweet out her comments, ideas and expertise, her followers began to grow, and grow. She is now the top curator in the country on this topic which brought her a contract to write the book on it (Business Storytelling for Dummies look for it on Amazon).

Building a brand demands being visible as an expert in your field, as well as credible. When those two qualities come together trust is not far behind. With trust comes influence power, so you stand out as a leader.  That is the “power” you bring to your brand.

Your reputation as a leader attracts Clients and customers to you rather then having to chase after them. Here are some ways to become that leader and expand your power of influence:

1.     Join appropriate associations and work your way into the power circles.  Run for and serve on the Board of Directors and critical committees where you will garner attention for your skills.  Make yourself a “player.” If the association has a newsletter, be a frequent contributor.

2.     Have someone submit your name or your company for appropriate awards.  You may not get the award, but the fact that you were nominated will get you attention.

3.     Make friends in high places.  Who you hang out with is noticed.  Be friendly with everyone, but get too chummy with people who are followers and you will be typecast as a follower.  Make friends with the power brokers, and they will help you rise.

4.     Learn that information is power.   People trade on information, so be careful who you talk to and what you say.  Watch out for gossip.  Learn to “play the game.”

The Challenge: Explore what options you have to further your brand leadership power.