It’s Time to Celebrate

As the year winds down are you excited for what is ahead in 2014?  Research has proven over and over that the more you consciously acknowledge your achievements, accomplishments, victories and completions the more of a foundation you have for ongoing success. Too often we go straight from the finish line to the starting line without pausing to acknowledge what actually happened and what we learned from it.

Yes it is a busy time, working to finish the year on top of the goals you set, while enjoying all the holiday celebrations.  This is your time to stop and reflect because it is so easy to under appreciate the things that have been accomplished. Yet many can only recall all the mistakes and failures that occurred.

If you only remember those mistakes and failures, you will not be ready to take the risks that will lead to ongoing success. To begin the year with an anticipation of growth and success you need to build your self-esteem based on all the ways you succeeded.

At Mind Masters we begin each meeting sharing our achievements and accomplishments.  Yet over the years it has amazed me how many struggle with this.  Just last week one of our members was struggling with the fact that she was behind on her annual production goal.  She was reminded that she had taken a big leap in her career by studying for the next level of her professional industry.  It took time away from production but has now positioned her for greater success.

Remember it is not just the big things that help you grow, write down all your successes.  When you face a new challenge or set your 2014 goals, review your list, it will begin to tell your brain that you are an ACHIEVER – that you can do anything.

Challenge: Surround yourself with things that symbolize and reinforce your achievements and successes