Economic Stimulus Comments

I learned that I am already on a good track from what I followed through on from the January session. I learned that what YOU are able to get me to commit to accomplishing is amazing!

You put those seeds there, you encourage me. You put me on the right track over and over. I am so thankful for Barbara Eldridge!!

Janice Sherlock, The Sherlock Group

I learned the value of stopping the madness and making a plan for the month and breaking it down to actionable time lined accountabilities rather than the “trying to remember it all” method which makes me feel insane. I have too many priorities, so it helped to group them in to marketing, or ops, or call lists etc etc then attack each with time bounded actions. I hope to see improvement in my own organization to attack everything that needs doing.

It also helped to remind me to focus on what I am good at and hire or delegate the rest.

Blake Beckcom, Fitness Together