Priceless Relationships

Over the winter perhaps it has been easy to slip into the habit of staying in the office and doing business by phone and email. But Spring is here and in these economic times it is important to lock in customer loyalty and make customer satisfaction your number one priority. Drop by or schedule a time to meet with clients. Listen for opportunities where you can offer a solution for their problems.

Not only do you need customer goodwill but you need to understand customer problems. Get as close to your customers as possible. Call and ask your customers how they are doing and what they might need from you.

Customer relationships are often taken for granted, but if you look at how you got referrals in the past and achieved your business goals, I guarantee you the greater percentage came from the relationships you have developed with your clients/customers.

In his book The Referral of a Lifetime, Tim Templeton talks about the fact that “your customers and clients already know every new contact you will ever need to succeed”. If you take those relationships for granted you may lose your market advantage, your customer relationships are something within your control. When you develop and nurture them they eventually cultivate greater fruits over time. How do you grow them?

♦ Send a thank you note to every person that gives you a referral. People love to be appreciated.

♦ Develop an attitude of gratitude in everything you do….and you will be amazed how your business will explode. You don’t want your past clients to forget you when they or their friends need your services.

♦ Be real with those you come in contact with (personal or professional) and you will create a life-long stream of customers to serve.

Wake up! Shake off the winter hibernation, reconnect and bring new life to your business.

The Challenge: What 3 changes can you make immediately in your business that will solidify your relationship with the customers you already have?