Be Your Own Hero

Last week I was privileged to conduct the Mind Masters’ Annual Summit. This year the program was titled: Be Your Own Hero: Engage the Adventure Called Change. Having realized that after almost two years of COVID, all organizations and businesses have been faced with Change at an accelerated rate and velocity that is unlike anything we have understood since WWII things needed to change.

Having listened to and read several articles that identify the old paradigm of our thinking that we must “have” what we want, before we can “do” what we want and “be” what we want I realized there was one thing that needed changing.  This kind of thinking keeps us in a state of “want” and sabotages our ability to be happy now, it also sabotages our ability to manifest what our purpose and desires are.

The healthy paradigm is to “BE” first, which frees us to “DO” and opens us up to “HAVE”. When we begin with the premise of “BEing” happy, loved & fulfilled we create positive vibrations which frees us to act (“DOing”) in a way that acts like a magnet to bring good into our lives, more than likely we will stay on track in this state of well being and then opens us up to “HAVing” our good manifest through vibrant health, loving & nurturing relationships, success in business and prosperity. 

If you understand this paradigm then let me remind you that it takes a little discipline in the beginning, and as we set our intentions or our goals and take each step in a steady manner, we become what we affirm. In addition we must be clear about how we see ourselves in the future, which is the importance of starting from a happy, energized place whenever you’re creating any intentions or goals.

Natalie Ledwell of Mind Movies says “When you start from a place of feeling positive, then you have the necessary positive vibration running through you. That vibration is energy. That energy is the magnet for more positive energy. When you maintain that positive vibration within you, you can’t help but attract people, resources and opportunities that match that vibration.” 

So the challenge is, in order to manifest the people, resources and golden opportunities that you want into your life, you actually need to start with BEING FIRST. In order to BE I first recommend that you put in place some habits that can assist in keeping you focused, like 1) Keeping a gratitude journal in which you write 3 to 5 new things each evening in gratitude. 2) Practicing random acts of kindness like offering a compliment or words of encouragement to those you know and to those you encounter.  Number 3 has been a Mind Masters encouraged practice for the 30 years members have participated, that is to write out all that you feel good about, what you achieved, accomplished, and feel good about on a regular basis. When you reread them over you build a stronger foundation for Being

The Challenge: Spend some time this month reviewing your plans with an eye to areas that need some to change.