Master the Fear of Self Promotion

How often have you walked out of a seminar thinking you wasted your time and maybe even your money because the presenter seemed more interested in promoting his/her next workshop then delivering the topic you signed on for?

I have often heard business owners complain that they hate being sold.  The market place has changed, customers do have access to more information and have become more educated about what they want.  But what is “wrong” with self promotion?

Sometimes it has to do with that bad experience we had with that salesperson who talked us into buying something we really didn’t want.  Or perhaps we heard our parents make disparaging remarks about that car sales person who seemed just a little too slick.  It is important to recognize how we respond to people who are promoting their business or product and why we react the way we do.

It is important because we may be holding back on broadcasting the benefits of  our product or service.  Success oriented people promote their product, service or even their ideas enthusiastically and passionately.  C.J. Hayden in her book Get Clients Now says “Reluctance to promote yourself holds you back from achieving personal fulfillment and financial success.”

Do you believe you deliver value?  How strongly do you believe in your product or service? One of my clients mentioned that a marketing person told her she needed to change how she presented her products when in front of a group.  We both know she loves what she does, but her personality is more reserved making it difficult to sound enthusiastic.  Self promoting is not about being boastful or pushy, but being genuine.  Letting the passion and belief for what you do ring out, because you know that what you offer can truly assist people and you need to let people know how it can.

Take time to check on your 30 second promotional, are you talking benefits?  Re-evaluate your product or service – are you highlighting the real value you offer?  Check your belief system, are you carrying old worn out ideas about selling?  If you really believe in what you do, then share it with everyone who comes your way.  Be a “fearless self promoter”, you will grow and your business will grow.

The Challenge: Ask a client/customer for a testimonial and get re-enthused about what you do.