How Do You Stay Sharp?

During a Padres game last week the interviewer asked one of the players what he liked about his coach. He said the coach got in every day earlier than anyone else, practiced batting and reviewed the previous night’s game plays. “WOW what an example he sets for all of us”, he said.

Yes athletes do it, but so do musicians, mechanics, and writers do it, they practice, do you, the business owner, do it?  The idea that we can become proficient (well advanced in an art, occupation, or branch of knowledge) in our chosen field is often overlooked in small business.  As solo-preneurs there is little time to spend practicing, when you wear all the hats – bookkeeper, marketer, sales rep, manager, and producer. 

Practice is a learning method, a method done by repetition; when you perform or work repeatedly at something, it is so you become proficient like tennis great Rafael Nadal. Nadal practices his game with a tennis coach every day, which enhances his incredible shot making.  Spaced repetition is one of the most effective forms of learning.

So as business owners what should we be practicing?  

  – Asking questions

Take the time to create a list of relevant and meaningful questions. Having a list of insightful questions will serve you well time and time again. Your questions will support you in your quest to differentiate yourself and establish credibility and trust.  They will open up new opportunities.

  – Listening

Perhaps your most important skill; learning what a person’s needs and wants are, help to reveal if you can truly work together.

  – Your Sales Process

Every step along the sales path, from prospecting to closing the sale is an opportunity to tweak your technique. Once you find the right combination of words that bring the best results, you then practice them over and over again like;                                

  • Establishing rapport & trust   
  • Identifying needs accurately
  • Your presentation   
  • Answering objections effectively     
  • Closing the sale, asking for the order   
  • Getting re-sales and asking for referrals

If you have ever been to the batting cages, were made to practice the piano, or remember learning the multiplication tables, you know that practice is the foundation for any skill.  What skill in your tool box needs sharpening?  If you haven’t checked yourself out lately you may be surprised that you are leaving something important out or have made a change that has caused you to be less effective.

Challenge: Review each business encounter this week; ask yourself, what worked, what didn’t, how could you improve it.




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