How Are You at Setting Priorities?

Why am I hearing time management and over whelm issues from many members? As a business owners, it’s easy to get caught up in the bustle of day-to-day business. As things begin to open up the drive to reach out and catch up on financial goals can be tempting to allow oneself spending a significant portion of time fighting the myriad fires that crop up every day. Instead, it is getting more important to take the time to step back and set “laser-sharp” priorities that focus on what’s really important – and keep from spending time on what’s not.


As a business owner, task management is essential to your success. Organizing and tracking your diverse duties ensures that you meet deadlines and maintain smooth operations. Mind Masters is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs thrive by teaching effective task management and productivity. You might be surprised to discover that many of the skills you learn in the business world can also come in handy in the personal realm. Find how you can use task management to improve your private and professional lives.

Stephanie Haywood of shared some ideas that might help you get a handle on priorities both personally and professionally:

Keep a schedule. 

When you have a business meeting, you likely write it down in a digital calendar or paper agenda. Do the same for personal appointments. Make a point of always recording meetings in writing, even if it’s something casual like coffee with a friend. You might even consider writing down a schedule for each day. At the start of each day, you can easily view what needs to be done. As Very Well Mind explains, keeping a routine can give you a sense of control, empowering you in your personal life just as much as in business.

Set SMART goals.

You undoubtedly set goals at work to help prioritize your task management. Why not do the same in your private life? Whether you’re striving to read more or lose weight, setting SMART goals can help. The Corporate Finance Institute explains that SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. For example, instead of simply saying you want to “read more,” make it a goal to read one book per month. That’s both measurable and reasonable — and it gives you a set deadline.

Write down your to-do lists.

When scheduling your days, you may also decide to create a to-do list. Writing down your list has benefits. First, it makes it easier to have easy oversight over your tasks. Second, you can be confident you aren’t letting anything slip through the cracks. Finally, you will get a rewarding sense of accomplishment when you actually cross each item off your list. Psych Central explains how to write an effective to-do list using lined index cards or post-it notes.

Prioritize the stressful stuff.

When you’re deciding what to tackle first on your to-do list, it’s usually best to start with the more stressful items on it. This holds true in both your personal and your professional life. As Silicon Republic explains, our brains are wired to think of that “number one priority” as the most important. This will ensure maximum focus. Plus, you won’t have the mental burden of having the task hanging over your head all day, which can cause excess stress. Too much stress can interfere with productivity, according to Labs.

Delegate when you can.

Whether in your work life or your private life, it’s helpful to delegate. The London School of Management Education explains that delegating promotes efficiency and flexibility. At home, you might hire a professional cleaner, for example. In business, you can find freelance experts to help with everything from graphic design to web development. For example, say you want to develop an app for your business. A platform like Upwork can help you find mobile app development services to get it done. You can sort through profiles of service providers based on reviews, costs, and more.

Effective task management can support your success in every facet of life. The tips above can be implemented in your private or your professional spheres. Mind Masters also helps business owners and solopreneurs foster focus, build accountability, and master task management. From brainstorming groups, workshops to one-on-one consulting, find out how Mind Masters can help you.

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