What’s it Going to Take?

dream bigAs we prepare for the New Year, I challenged my Mind Master members to either add to their Dream List or begin one. Each step in our growth, whether business or life requires choices. If you don’t have a Dream List how can you begin to set goals and stay focused? I remember a client years ago, he owned a Real Estate business and chose to work with me because the previous year he had reached his goal by mid-year and did not achieve anything else the rest of the year. He neither had a dream list or even a dream financial target to focus on where to go next. He was committed to not doing that again.

“Your dreams are placed in you as a pathway to releasing your potential and awakening your purpose for being.”
Kevin Ross

How about you?
In my experience people create To Do lists thinking they are the Goals they want. When you have a dream list you have choices and an ongoing source of goals and excitement for life.

To transform a dream into a reachable goal you must clarify it, provide the details, make it so clear that you can see it, feel it, know what you will feel like when you get there. This works for you in many ways.

I challenge you to get out a notebook so you can spend some time listing those dreams that fly through your mind constantly, so that you can choose the Goals you want to pursue this year. Dreams that become Goals do come true if you:

• hold fast to them
• visualize them with feeling twice a day,
• keep your self-talk positive,
• surround yourself with positive people,
• trust your intuition,
• take continuous action,
• expect the best,
• and keep dreaming