Running a Business is a Constant Challenge

After several years of presenting topics and introducing guest presenters,  last week we changed the format of our Marketing Meet Up. We wanted to provide our members with the chance to share their marketing challenges and learn from the experience of other entrepreneurs in a supportive and stimulating environment. Wow what an evening, attendees got how-tos, fresh ideas, and answers they were looking for.

As small biz owners, we all work in a degree of isolation. When things get hard, where do you go for help? Given the time and resources you put into your business, the last thing you want is to come up short on results. In today’s fast paced competitive business arena staying focused and on track, ready to meet the challenges of the ever changing marketplace is not always easy.

When you are brainstorming you are focusing on a problem, and then deliberately coming up with as many solutions as possible and pushing the ideas as far as possible. Business owners need to stay clear about what they want. Brainstorming with a group helps with focus and executing relevant, high value activities that bring results and success. Owning a business demands an attitude of willingness to embrace change, so there is clarity of vision, when delivering value and getting results results.
Here’s what some of last week’s attendees learned:

  • One person didn’t know where to focus her energies in a large market. The group helped her choose her first niche and suggested some marketing tactics to kick it off.
  • Where do you go to spread the word about a personal service? Several networking groups were suggested where referrals are the main focus.
  • It is often easy to talk about the challenge but doing something about it is another matter. For this person it took some direct commitment to action and a willingness to be accountable.

One of the dangers of going it alone is the complete and utter reliance on your own knowledge and motivation. If you miss a crucial step in the plan because you got distracted the next thing you know you could be stearing completely off course. That can mean a lot of wasted time and resources. The Meet Up group demonstrated the power of what a motivated network of support, training, advice, troubleshooting, inspiration and challenge can do.

This dynamic process is offered weekly at Mind Masters. The meetings provide a structured opportunity to work on your business, not in it. It provides a talent bank of ideas and resources focused on helping participants to reach their business goals

What is your biggest unsolved business challenge? Is it marketing, leadership, sales, managing you financial reporting, applying today’s technology, understanding your current customers better or structuring your business for growth? You have an team at Mind Masters to help you solve these issues so that you can achieve your goals. So do come, have fun and see your dreams come true.