Selling for People Who Don’t Like Selling

Here’s some tips to set the stage for better Selling:

1. Create the sales process ahead of time, (an appointment script, a list of qualifying questions, a presentation script and your closing question).

2. You need a lead management system, (know who your A, B and C prospects are).

3. Perfect your two most important sales skills: listening & observing.

4. Remember, people trust people they like and selling is all about trust

5. Take action and track your results, (know your appointment to call ratio, presentation to sales ratio so you can work on the areas that need improvement).

One last thing, always work toward improvment, read some books on sales.

Jeffrey Gittomer has “The Sales Bible” and “The Little Red Book of Selling”, Harvey McKay’s “Swim with the Sharks”, Russell Granger, “The Seven Triggers to Yes” are always a good start.

The Challenge: Find one sales skill that you need to improve on and practice it for the next 7 days.