Sales is NOT an Evil Word

How are you at selling or is selling a concept that you tend to shy away from? You are not alone, but resistance to it shows up in how consistently your business grows.

Perhaps you find marketing tactics more fun, you know postcards, email newsletters, brochures, social networking, but sales tactics are essential to every business and can be learned. In fact sales is a function of marketing and requires a process and tactics.

When you walk into a department store, their sales people are assigned to a particular department so they can answer your specific questions about colors, or sizes or is it available at another store. They generally can’t answer your questions about pots and pans if you are in the electronics area. Try and ask the cosmetics lady about shoes.

Delivering value is what selling is all about, so that you can help people understand what you can do for them and communicate how you can make a difference. To be ready to sell you need to know who your ideal client/customer is, and what their concerns, issues or needs are. With that you can design your solution and the various ways your product or service benefits them.

Armed with this information you can begin to get beyond your resistance and engage more confidently with each prospect by asking the questions that help you meet their expectations.