Success Essentials

If goal setting is essential to success, then time control and organized activity is the other hand of achievement. Several week ago at the end of one of our weekly Mind Masters meetings the topic of what activities were necessary to guarantee success came up. I commented, that fifty percent of the time members were spending in their daily schedules had absolutely nothing to do with the achievement of their goals.

What are the high priority, high pay off activities in your business? Do you have a formula that you track to produce consistent results? In order to generate income, you must have consistent activities that produce your desired results.

Set specific results that you commit to each week to reach your intended numbers in each of your success formula areas (some areas to consider):

  • Contacts with new prospects, either by phone or in person to ask for an appointment. Perhaps these are follow up calls with clients for additional business.
  • Appointments set from contacts made and scheduled for a specific day and time.
  • Face-to-Face interviews to assess prospects needs, problems or challenges.
  • Presentations/Proposals that show how your product/service can deliver the solutions to those issues.
  • The Sale where a contract is signed, money is exchanged and the product or service is agreed to be delivered.
  • New Prospects need to be acquired in order to do any and all the above.

At the end of the week, total all of your activities, this is the basis for determining the areas you need to work on to better your results. By keeping track of your results for 3 to 5 weeks, you will know your own Success Formula. Once you know your Formula, you then know the work required to achieve your income goals and sales results. This is the key to gaining and keeping control of your business.

All of this requires setting weekly results, consistent activity, discipline to concentrate on the right activity and willingness to develop your basic skills to improve results.