Have You Found the “Silver Bullet”?

How many books, e-books, programs, workshops etc. have you bought into lately looking for that “silver bullet” for success? The “silver bullet” of success means different things to different people. During time of economic change I have found business owners questioning what success really means to them. It was not too long ago that many thought go back and getting a “job” was that silver bullet. Funny how things change.

Success is very personal, and it is up to each of us to discover it for ourselves. It requires a vast reserve of inner strength which is based on your personal purpose, a direction that guides the choices you make at any given moment. People often confuse purpose with goals. When you discover purpose then the goals you achieve bring a rich sense of fulfillment.

As business owners, grabbing this “silver bullet” does several things:

1. Your decision making is congruent with the core of your being AND moves you closer to your ultimate vision of success.

2. It helps you define what constitutes a successful business and life for yourself.

3. It enhances your personal motivation, inner strength, determination and desire.

4. It strengthens the courage to overcome any adversity that interferes with the vision you have for your business.

Your personal purpose “silver bullet” is not discovered overnight. Take time to list the achievements in your life that have given you the most sense of fulfillment. Look at the people you admire, what are the qualities in them that stand out for you. Do some self assessment about your own strengths and qualities. When you look within, you will find your “silver bullet” of success.