Closing Time

   Small business owners often find sales the most difficult part of being in business. In fact I have found they don’t want to be categorized as “sales” people. Often during Mind Masters meetings I suggest they reframe how they see the process.

   Selling in today’s environment requires an inquisitive mindset. So the consultative sales process is a way to gather as much information as possible about a prospect and then be able to prescribe one’s product or service solution to the prospect’s problem/issue. If this process is followed carefully, the close (asking for the “order”) will follow easily also keeping in mind the following:

    1. Use closing as an opportunity; attitude affects performance.

    2. Closing a sale begins when the sales process starts; see it as part of the whole.

    3. Use trial closes; they help you take the “temperature” of a prospect.

    4. A successful close flows naturally from a well-planned presentation.

    5. The right information about the prospects needs or problems and a solution to them give you the “right” to ask for the order.

© 2010 Mind Masters, Used by permission