Uplevel Your Brand

Do you remember the song Purple Rain by PRINCE?  He was an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Widely regarded as one of the greatest musicians of his generation. And even in death his music is as popular as ever. What can we learn from this legend?  Well, when it comes to marketing, it pays to build a buzz and then back that up by being the real deal. 

It’s important to get the word out about who you are and what you do. PRINCE did it through record releases, public appearances, concerts, interviews, and fan clubs.

Was it easier for PRINCE? Is he really that different than us? If we build a buzz about our business, position ourselves as a leader in our field, deliver quality products and services to our target market—and are promote-able and likeable, what’s to stop us from changing the world—or at least make our mark in our area of expertise?

According to Alan Kay from Disney’s R&D Department “When you…offer unique value your competition cannot then you…make headway by giving your ideas away.” In this world of new technologies there are many ways for you to present what you know by disseminating the knowledge and experience that others do not possess and have no way of possessing.

If your business doesn’t have a digital footprint, then you’re missing out on massive opportunities for growth, customers, community, and sales. But before you jump into posting 3x a day, every day, spend some time reflecting on the most important step to positioning yourself in the market, defining yourself. This includes taking stock of your strengths, values, goals and personality as well as your why. 

Your purpose and mission are the why—for example, the value you bring to a community. Once your why is clear you can think tactically about how you’re going to make good on your mission. Some helpful questions to consider:  What goals are you trying to achieve by posting?  Are you hoping to convert customers or keep a lively, engaged community? Are you consistent to your targeted audience then:

  1. You can be perceived as an authority in your field, and gain credibility.
  2. Your performance brands you as highly experienced, talented, proven    

     to get results.

  1. Recognition starts to come from leaders in your domain and adds to     

        your credibility.

  1. You find ways to differentiate what you excel in.

In a time when there’s more noise than ever across social channels, you want your message to be concise, purposeful, and productive whether you record it, video it or put it in print it will create a definite advantage over your competition. Decide where you want to be in the marketplace. You must put yourself there NOW more than ever.