Celebrating 30 Years of Mind Masters: Looking Back to Look Ahead

WOW have things changed in 30 years! Yet even with the uncertainties that the COVID virus has produced, Mind Masters and our members have held together to cheer each other on to make changes needed to stay afloat.

Some members wanted to know if we were going to celebrate like we did for our 25th, but my decision was to step back and plan it at the beginning of 2022. I needed this time to look at what we have learned in order to look beyond just staying afloat.

So what has made the difference for Mind Masters during this time? 

  1. Purpose and Vision stand out loud and clear.  30 years ago I wanted Mind Masters to become the Advisory Board for small service businesses –who needed a sounding board, a forum, a support system for ideas, a resource not often available because these are very small businesses. And it has brought together hundreds of entrepreneurs and created a myriad of priceless relationships. . 
  2. The change in the market place from selling products and services to selling the experience let  the value of Mind Masters out of its box. Visiting Mind Masters is an experience, and as a visitor,  experience groups of business owners, like themselves raise the bar for each other, implement goals, brainstorm ideas, create solutions, and offer mutual support through all that is and was happening. 
  3. As the hundreds have come through the doors of Mind Masters, some have stayed to manage and keep focused and grow, others have moved on. The impact on the small business community is real. The commitment each of us made, has helped us find joy in business ownership and all the rewards that it has to offer. 
  4. We learned being in business is challenging, but truly understand that no good entrepreneurial enterprise is ever created in isolation. Now it means I too must take a BIGGER step and find ways to duplicate myself so others can experience the power of being surrounded by other smart business owners so that each one is more likely to succeed, because the system works. Licensing of Mind Masters has begun, but it is not over yet! 

Looking out to all those of you who have come in to play the Game with us, PLEASE spread the word to coaches, consultants, business owners & marketing experts who want a turn-key program that offers Mind Masters to small business owners. Let’s keep the POWER of sharing ideas and resources going!