Pursue Your Goals with More Meaning

During an interview last week on a topic of “finding my purpose” that I contributed to a collaborative book Life Wisdom Word Search: Yoga for the Brain, I was asked if I thought that small business owners know their purpose? My answer was no.

Let’s talk about this. You see I think most business owners either have a skill, see a market that will make them money or have worked for someone and know they can do it better. There is also misunderstanding at times between Purpose and Vision.

Your Vision is the big picture of what the future of a business wants to look like, it provides value and makes the future worthwhile.  It is the guiding force that provides direction and gives meaning to your activities.  It is a set of fundamental reasons for a company’s existence that is broad, fundamental, and enduring.

To formulate a Vision you will want to look at how you will know it has been fulfilled and whether it has made a contribution to the “world”.  Here are some questions to ask:

  • How will you know you are successful?
  • Is this the biggest picture possible?
  • Are my values expressed in this Vision?
  • Is the dream for my business fulfilled by this Vision?

After running a business that focused mostly on helping small business owners set and achieve Goals,

I found myself frustrated. Although I was a high sales and goal achiever, I felt something was missing. I was setting goals in all areas of my life but there was no sense of fulfillment. Have you ever felt that way, day after day?

What I discovered was missing was a central personal force, a purpose that would guide my ambitions, so I could set a personal vision, and goals in all areas of my life. I took step back and looked at several ways to explore what was hiding inside myself. Here are some questions I asked:

♦  Who do you most admire in the world?

♦  Look at all the areas of your life, what do you want to be remembered for?

♦  What would people say, you are really good at!

My answers did not show up overnight, but as I worked on these questions that ah, ha moment struck. As I began to live in a more purposeful way, even my husband noticed a change.  I am living my purpose using my important values and planning and completing goals that honor those values. With a great sense of purpose I enjoy fulfillment in all I do.

We all have certain gifts at our core, and for the most part, those gifts are totally unrealized. If you haven’t taken this journey, I Challenge you to pursue it, it will change your life.