Survive This Riptide

Rip Current Icon - Free Download, PNG and VectorRiptides or rip currents are powerful currents that flow away from shore. Swimmers caught in riptides can quickly be pulled out to sea, and often drown struggling against the current. Knowing rip current behavior and having a survival plan can make the difference between life and death.

Right now, as things have slowed down, businesses are likewise caught in a riptide of economic turbulence. Fear can set in, some have stopped investing in the things that keep the business visible; networking, advertising, asking for testimonials.  Your Success is built on a variety of choices you make, review the following to tap the potential you have barely scratched the surface of.

Redefine your Goals: Get crystal clear about the goals that motivate you to do the work it takes to grow your business. Also know the reason why you want it. If it’s to make a certain amount of money every month, you need to have a reason. No reason or desired reward, no motivation, more complacency.

Recognize the effects of not taking action: Get very clear about the cost of not achieving that goal. If you don’t get this goal, there are consequences. Know what they are.

Make commitments to others: Use the power of what Napoleon Hill called a driving force- a master mind group helps you be accountable, as you hold your employees/subcontractors accountable. Valuable support is provided by other business leaders who know what it takes to stay focused.

Acknowledge your fears: When you acknowledge your feelings of fear it points your awareness to areas where you need to improve and grow.  Do something to move you in the direction of growth.

Ask for Help: Asking for what you need is the most underutilized tool for unlocking that comfort zone complacency.  Whether its money, information, support, assistance, or time, don’t be afraid to ask for what you need in order grow.

Learn to say “No”: Do you spend too much of your time on projects and activities that you really don’t want to do simply because you fall into the trap of pleasing others? (an easier comfort zone then focusing on your own goals). You are going to have to create stronger boundaries about what you will and won’t do.

Do 1 thing that makes you uncomfortable every day – work toward stretching those “goal achievement muscles”.

Create something new for your business: Be open to change. Change is good—it helps you grow.  Develop a new product, a better system, redo your work space, makeover your marketing. They can reignite your momentum and your speed at which you succeed at your goals.

Set and meet deadlines for yourself: Set reasonable deadlines for all jobs and stick to them. Hold yourself accountable, it’s true that work expands to fill the available time, so set expectations.

Invest in Win-Win Relationships: A great way to build the foundation for a relationship with referral partners is to hook them up with others in your network. Invite them to a workshop, seminar or networking function where they can make valuable new contacts themselves.  This keeps you alert and aware of others needs.