Step Up Your Game

After 29 years of in person Mind Masters meetings, and having to pivot at least for the time being, what really made members wake up to how important being surrounded by an entire team of entrepreneurs has meant in keeping the focus on growing their businesses, really meant.  Market places may be slow for businesses and inertia and fear perhaps has taken over.  The Mind Masters teams have worked to understand each other’s challenges and concerns which helped members gain a continuous stream of solutions – systems, tools, and a path to personal, professional and financial growth even during uncertain times.

During these times perhaps your projects have dragged on, proposals may remain unfinished and prospecting is taking longer. Spring is the time to shake off the doldrums of quarantine and reorganize your activities and systems.

Spring into action by taking stock of business needs and creating a new to-do list. Revenue-impacting issues will naturally take priority, with near-term revenue generation at the top of the list. Your 2019 taxes should be in order, and you should be working on a plan to strengthen your core business to thrive in this unpredictable economy.

Once you complete your new to-do list, focus on that highest-priority task until it is done…finished…delivered. This morning one of my members took a picture of his plan for the week, it reflected his sense of accomplishment that bolstered his resolve to work steadily on those tasks. Having a plan helps you manage your time effectively and see tasks through to successful completion.

Today I want you to challenge yourself to the highest levels of performance. In these uncertain times would that require your “BEST”?  Would that push you beyond your boundaries? Would you dare to attempt your most audacious goals?  Would you be willing to be, have and do the UNREASONABLE?

Paul Lemberg in his book “BE Unreasonable: The Unconventional Way to Extraordinary Business Results”, wrote “being reasonable kills potential…”  Being reasonable is about getting by.  It may keep you in business, but at the same time it keeps the business from soaring.

During this time of quarantine being unreasonable, is the call to embrace your vision, your passion, your true desires. It is a state of mind, it is a call to action. Today is about accelerating your business by having faith in your ability to make the future real. To let go of all the cliché-ridden, time worn, tired old ideas that keep you small, to pick your spot, pivot then step out onto the ledge; to be courageous – and find out you can really fly.

It is time to start breaking through that comfort zone – You and I know that that’s uncomfortable, it always is. The starting point is your businesses purpose and vision which helps establish a set of measurable goals.  When you have expressed a clear, compelling vision and purpose, you can start to become aware of opportunities in your marketplace that were previously invisible.

Do you want to Play in this Game???  You must think what’s possible as opposed to what is likely.  Goals that draw you to them, is a Game worth playing.  But they don’t just exist, they are not lying around for you to collect, like shells on a beach.  You have to make up WORTHY goals.  Sometimes you have to invent them out of the air. Perhaps surrounding yourself with a group, like Mind Masters, you can experience the “power” of one of the most recommended resources for achieving those goals.

The Challenge: Get really clear about the commitment to the Goals you have set for 2020. Write a statement that clearly identifies what you are committed to in fulfilling them.