Play a BIGGER Game!

As I have intermittently watched some of the Olympic competitions I ask myself what fuels the human desire to get someone through all the perspiration necessary to overcome the inevitable obstacles along the way. I believe each of those athletes had to move from hoping to knowing they had what it takes to compete on the Olympic stage.

Last month in my newsletter I focused on commitment to goals, and gave some principles necessary to exert the inexorable power on your outcomes. What I have asked my Mind Masters members to do was to consider generating 10X times their revenue goal or any area goal they are committed to this year.

I was fascinated when you give the brain a new directive how it responds. In some cases it scared some of them, for others they realized if they wanted something badly enough, then quitting was simply not an option. You either find a way or make one. You pay the price, whatever it takes.

Today I want you to challenge yourself to the highest levels of performance. Would that require your “BEST”? Would that push you beyond your boundaries? Would you dare to attempt your most audacious goals? Would you be willing to be, have and do the 10X times game changer?

Paul Lemberg in his book “BE Unreasonable: The Unconventional Way to Extraordinary Business Results”, wrote “being reasonable kills potential…” Being reasonable is about getting by. It may keep you in business, but at the same time it keeps the business from soaring.

Committing to a Game Changer, you are called to embrace your vision, your passion, your true desires. It is a state of mind, it is a call to action. Today is about accelerating your business by having faith in your ability to make the future real. To let go of all the cliché-ridden, time worn, tired, old ideas that keep you small, to pick your spot then step out onto the ledge; to be courageous – and find out you can really fly.

It is time to start breaking through that comfort zone – You and I know that that’s uncomfortable, it always is. The starting point is your businesses purpose and vision which help you establish a set of measurable goals. When you have expressed a clear, compelling vision and purpose, you can start to become aware of opportunities in your marketplace that were previously invisible.

Do you want to play in this Game??? Just like the Olympic athletes, you must think what’s possible as opposed to what is likely. Goals that draw you to them, is a Game worth playing. But they don’t just exist, they are not lying around for you to collect, like shells on a beach. You have to make up WORTHY goals. Sometimes you have to invent them out of the air.

The Challenge: You have the ability to choose your experience. Take the first step. If you need help, Mind Masters has 5 weekly groups to challenge and support you, check them out at