How Well do YOU Juggle??

When I sit in Mind Masters every week I realize how much of a juggling act business is, my own included. How do we increase our productivity, when we’re already working at maximum capacity? How do we take more time off to get the rejuvenation we need, when we have so much to do? How do we deal with the increasing distractions and interruptions that are taking our attention away from the high-value work that makes us the most money? How do we systematize our productivity, and create habits that work for us naturally and automatically every day? How do we identify those activities in our life and business that will give us the highest possible return, and make us the most possible profit and income?

Often I see that most of us, haven’t gotten crystal clear on the handful of activities that bring us the highest returns – that profit us the most – and then organizing our days, weeks and lives around making sure those activities get done.

I always talk about the high priority, high payoff areas of our business, but I find it surprising how few people put value on the activities that bring the highest returns – that profit them the most – and then organize their days, weeks and lives around making sure those activities get done.

Having done a time analysis (that is an hour by hour detail) of my activities during a week a few years ago, it was a real wake-up call to what wastes time. When you evaluate every activity and every business decision by the contribution it makes to achieving your goals, the changes you need to make become crystal clear.

Consistent work habits and managing your time are important keys to operating your business, along with the awareness, concentrated thought and controlled energy to pursue what you want to achieve.

The Challenge: Focus your attention and concentrate your energy on those activities that bring you success.