The 11th Hour – Decision Time

We are in the 11th Hour – November 2016- decision time to end with a bang or whimper!

Our newsletter last month was a full on wake up call to make sure your financial records are in order before taxes are due and to know where you are overall from a profit and loss perspective.  Hopefully you have taken some time to review and catch up.

This is also the time to assess some other aspects of your business and yourself. A strategic analysis is directed at looking at where your business is positioned in the present market. But I would also suggest that you take stock of your personal strengths and/or weaknesses.

Questioning yourself is really foundational to setting down your plans for the business.  Are there areas you have grown or strengthened within yourself, or have you slipped in to old habits? Your values are the basis for behaviors, have you acted in integrity with them?

What about your WHY? Did it feed your motivation to reach your goals? Did it sustain you during the challenges? Defining that personal purpose drives the reasons and sense of fulfillment for all of the goals you set both personally and for your business.

Knowing all of this hopefully wakes you up to choose to end with a “bang”. The 11th hour allows you time to gear up, to double and triple your best ever, to go all out, because November and December not only cap off your year, they build momentum to into 2017 stronger than ever.

Taking time to assess helps you recommit to having your best quarter, but also spend a few minutes each day visualizing and experiencing the “thrill of victory” in the knowledge that you have given your best.

Most people consider the 11th hour the beginning of the end, but for you it can really be the” beginning of the beginning”:

  • The Beginning of new heights of achievement for you
  • The Beginning of new levels of income
  • The Beginning of more sales
  • The Beginning of better personal relationships
  • The Beginning of increased self esteem
  • The Beginning of the best year of your life
  • The Achievement of personal goals

So, the 11th Hour is really the beginning…….

“The greatest revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

-William James

The Challenge: Begin Now!!!