Review…Resolve…Re-Energize Your Marketing

sept-news-graphicAs business owners it is important as each quarter comes to a close to look at whether your marketing has produced the results you set out to accomplish.

If you haven’t sent a marketing message to your customers in the last 90 days, then you’re no longer top of mind. Without an effective marketing strategy, and the budget to execute it, your business is missing the necessary tools and direction to grow.

Let’s stop and take a pulse on your game plan with some basics that must be in place before anything happens.

  • How up to date is your database funnel? This is the combination of customers, past and present, new prospects and resources/referrals sources. This is the biggest asset you have in your business.
  • When was the last time you updated your website? In this internet world we live in, your website is the tool for communicating your services and branding your value.
  • Have you fine-tuned your marketing messages, the problem your ideal prospect faces and your solutions?
  • How many new testimonials have you captured from satisfied customers/clients that tell the story about their results?
  • Do you have a clear way of explaining how your process works and what the next step is?
    Getting your message out is the cornerstone of any good marketing strategy. Clarity is an essential component in each of the above elements. Communicate with lack of clarity and the marketing connection isn’t made.

Your message needs to be consistent. To stand out in your market there needs to be a level of interaction that you consistently put forth, and your success in attracting clients is correlated to how clearly and consistently you communicate about your business.

The Challenge: Review your marketing metrics then set up a new three-month marketing calendar, with revised or new tactics that will have a more profound impact on your business.

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