Are You Going for the Gold?

Gold_MedalHere we are in the second half of the year, the summer Olympics will start in a few weeks and I am working to open our minds to getting in the “GAME”. Of course some of us play the game differently. Maybe it is time to change the way we are playing

How can you play in a BIGGER Game? What would it take to “Go for the Gold”?

We have been watching the trials for getting on the Olympic Teams, these athletes spend hours practicing for that one chance to win a place on the team. We know they have to be self-disciplined, focused and committed. And many times they have to change strategies in-order to beat the competition.

So how can you “Go for the Gold” and play a BIGGER Game with your business?

What new strategy can you put in place? Strategies answer the questions “How am I going to get where I decided to go?” There can be more than one way to produce the results you want.

Each area of business might need a retooling, and even a new strategy. For instance:

In Business Management

  • Pursue more long term contractual agreements to create more consistent cash flow.
  • A New product or service might influence Customer retention

In Marketing

  • Focusing on a new Niche might help position you as a market leader.
  • Maximizing your database of individual and professional contacts might help create new joint venture opportunities.

In the Financial Area

  • Accepting Credit Card can open the door to new business.
  • Offering Employee benefits can enhance team retention.


  • Learning a new technology can enhance management, and marketing
  • Establishing Employee Agreements can insure your customers are handled with exceptional customer service.

Remember Strategy influences business direction – be it the strengths that may propel business growth or weaknesses that need to be further addressed. Strategy represents what you must become as you cross the gap to achieving what you commit to.  It is about creating conditions that produce unique, competitive advantages to support you in “Going for the Gold”!

The Challenge: What area of your business needs a new Strategy? Set aside some time to work on the business so you know How you are going to get to where you decided to go.