5 Ways to Stay On Top Of Your “Game”

5 Ways to Stay On Top Of Your “Game”With first quarter finished, I wanted to make sure all of my members were ready and willing to push on with the same enthusiasm they came out of the January Summit with. Sometimes more of the same just doesn’t motivate us to keep going. Maybe the plan was too aggressive, maybe there were a few curves in the road. Sometimes there was just more to do than one could possibly do.

I offer you the same ideas I challenged them with.

  1. Ask yourself thought provoking questions. What questions are you asking?  What master questions are you using to guide your life? It isn’t the answer that makes the difference, but digging deeper into the question that challenges the status quo. Sometimes it is not the doing that needs questioning, but the becoming or the development of the qualities and characteristics to handle the growth.

  2. Choose the results you want. Your greatest power, is your power to choose. “If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.” Robert Fritz. Make those choices ones that get you the results you say you want. You have the power of choice, which equips you with everything you need to totally transform your attitude, mind-set and the way you do everything.

  3. Change your thinking and your life will change. Change is inevitable, so expect change, anticipate it and accept that you can leverage change to your advantage, provided you take control of your circumstances. From the moment that you begin to predict and plan for the changes you want in your life and business, by design, instead of sitting back and waiting for the inevitable changes to come along by chance, you empower yourself and you become a champion of change.

  4. Say YES to what you want. Achievement requires commitment and discipline but once you focus on a set of meaningful goals you will be able to propel your business forward and live a meaningful life. Your personal goals are the benefits you receive as you pursue and take focused action in all areas of your life. They are your trophies, your titles, and your home runs. The strength of your motivation for winning is directly related to the Goals you choose to pursue for playing all out in “the game of life.”

  5. Build on Experiences and Accomplishments. According to Jack Canfield research has shown over and over again that the more you acknowledge your past successes, the more confident you become in taking on, and successfully accomplishing, new ones. As you stay the course and begin to realize your goals, you need to do two very important things: Celebrate your successes, and keep a list of those successes which becomes your foundation for future success.