Choose Success!

Boost Your Sales and ProfitsOwning a business presents us with a constant barrage of decisions. What to do first? Who do I market to? What does the business need in order to expand? How much can I charge? Having struggled with these things myself as well as working with members in our Mind Masters groups on the same issues, it still comes down to the fact that the decisions still have to be made. But what always shows up is that there seems to be too many choices, which leads to indecisiveness.

Many years ago I read a little book that changed my life and has affected the way I have learned to make decisions. The book, Your Greatest Power by J. Martin Kohe, reveals how the power of choice defines our success. Yes we all have decisions to make on a daily basis, but simply understanding that it comes down to a choice to do something or a choice not to, opens the door to new possibilities.

How many times have you set a plan and did not follow through with it? You made a choice. I have even worked out a whole goals plan then asked myself, is it worth the time, energy and money to pursue at this time? There is such a sense of freedom to realize that you have a choice. There are things that need to be in place that make it easier.

  1. You know what you want. That might include understanding your personal purpose, or having a clear vision and mission for the business. It saves you going off in wrong directions.
  2. You have a set of values that guide your behaviors and help with choices.
  3. Your priorities are aligned, so you can keep yourself balanced, remember there are many areas in your life that call out for attention.
  4. You have a clear picture of the end result and the benefits that come with it.

How many times have you contacted this great power to choose and did not realize all the possibilities you had to achieve the success you say you wanted. When you have alignment in these areas your choices are easier. Consequently the power of choice helps you gain confidence in your decision making to do, have and become all you say is too important to leave to chance.