What Do You Tell Yourself?

For years, I’ve ended meetings with the comment, “Have a Million Dollar Day.” It’s a little different than “Have a nice day,” in that it infers the power to make it great is yours–that outside circumstances don’t determine how good a day it is or isn’t.

But what MAKES it a Million Dollar Day? Everything in life starts with thought! As you think about the day ahead, how will you measure it? Most of us plan what we will do, but how many of us think about what will make it a truly successful day.

So what would it take to make it a Million Dollar Day? You get to determine what constitutes your Million Dollar day. So in other words weak and scattered thinking produce negative results while uplifting, positive thinking produces more productive solutions and outcomes.

Your greatest power is your power to choose. The first fleeting instant during which a thought pops in your mind is a moment of decision. Do you grasp the thought with excitement or do you smother it by saying, “That’s impractical…too difficult…I don’t think it can be done?” In that moment, you choose between success and failure.

You help form the habit of either positive or negative thinking by what you tell yourself! You will never rise any higher than the level of your thinking which affects what you give out and what you in turn receive.

Give yourself a check-up, is today the day you…
learned something new
laughed at least 10 times
lifted someone up
made progress on a worthy goal
practiced patience
did something nice for yourself
appreciated and was grateful for all your blessings.

When you plan your day, think about what it will take to make it Million Dollar Day. When the day is gone, can you tell yourself, “this was a Million Dollar Day?” It’s up to you to make it one.

The Challenge: Your greatest asset as a human being, as a business owner, as a friend, spouse, and parent, is your ability to choose your experience. Begin today, start choosing your thoughts consciously. This is your life. And it truly is what you choose to make of it. Make it a Million Dollar one!