Who’s on First? What’s on Second? What Happened First Quarter? What Do You Want to Happen in Second Quarter?

Second quarter is around the corner. A series of days and weeks and months that passed whether or not you woke up each day with an action plan. Time passes with or without you having goals. Often business owners get caught up during the first three months of the year, cleaning up the past year, taxes, cleaning out files, or just rolling into the new year doing the same things. Or you fall short planning for accomplishing the things you desire in your life.

Sometimes the focus is too much on what you don’t want from the previous year, forgetting to set into action ways to bring into your life the things you do truly desire.

This is precisely the time to turn up the volume on your “dream”. Here are some steps Napoleon Hill subscribes to, to help keep you aligned and focused.
• Get busy creating a major goal to fulfill your purpose.
• Affirm the object of your desire daily.
• Find the compelling motive for doing what you want to do.
• Get the encouragement of those of like mind.
• Don’t let a day pass without making a definite move toward attaining your major purpose –persistent action is key.
• Choose someone as a pacesetter whom you can emulate.
• Surround yourself with things that symbolize and reinforce achievement and success.
• Never run away from disagreeable circumstances, learn from them.
• Recognize that anything worth having has a price tag and requires “eternal” vigilance.

By increasing and applying the above steps you draw on the power you have at your disposal and reap the rewards.

I always like to challenge my audience, review your goals as you head into the second quarter and renew your belief and desire in them, if you’ve achieved your goals, set some new ones or if you have yet to set them, take some time and write some down. Only you can determine what success is for you, but it is progressive, it must be real, worthwhile and it needs to be pre-set.

The Challenge: Get ready to hit the ground running, plan your high priority, high payoff activities that get you to the success you want.