Prospect Your Way to Millions

We use goal setting in various areas of our life, why not set a goal to master Prospecting?

The internet has created a false sense of hope about millions of customers out there waiting to beat a path to your door. Having people friend you or like your business page, or those who comment on your postings aren’t the answers to generating the sale.

Prospecting demands a more proactive approach. Suspects still have to get to your web site or you have to meet them face to face so you can begin prospecting (finding out what their needs/problems are).

A true master Prospector has specific daily goals for new prospects, goals for having an unlimited number of “class A” prospects (these are people or companies that fit your ideal target market) which trigger a relentless pursuit of Prospecting knowledge, skill and habits.

A must part of becoming a Pro at Prospecting is mastery of your database. When you think about and plan to have hundreds and thousands of leads and prospects – they must be filed, categorized, classified, rotated and accessible. The database becomes your Money Box! For detailed information on how to develop your Money Box, check out Michelle Bergquist’s book, How to Build a Million Dollar Database at

Know what an “A” is. Know how and what questions to ask so you can

properly classify them as quickly as possible. An “A” prospect is anyone you feel has a good chance of becoming a client in the next year.

 Mastery requires tracking your progress so that you are getting maximum results from your prospecting activities. Set the goal to have an unlimited supply of “A” prospects. Make Prospecting your OBSESSION with every fiber of your being.

It is your KEY to ongoing success.