Is Your Business Working for You?

In working with entrepreneurs over the last 20 years I have emphasized the importance of developing basic systems and procedures for all areas of the business. The more new things that get introduced, whether its technology, new markets, new products or services, without the basics it costs you money.

There are days when so much is going on, it doesn’t leave much time for improvement or making your business work better. Starting with some basics allows you to adjust one thing at a time.

Of all the areas that small business owners violate the most are marketing and sales. Consistency in generating prospects we can sell to is the only way to keep the business growing and working for you. Your effectiveness in marketing and sales starts with mastering the basics and then applying the best strategies.

Marketing Basics:
What do you sell? And what do prospects buy? What is the benefit to your client/customer?
What business are you in? How do you position yourself in the marketplace?
Do you specialize in a target market?
Do you use at least 3 consistent marketing tactics to reach your target audience?
Do you track the results of your implementation schedule?

Selling Basics: Do you have a prospecting system?
Do you have a process for developing needs?
Have you created a solutions based sales presentation?
Do you have a handful of ways to ask for the order (close the sale)?
Have you created a good client service process?
Do you track your vital statistics? (number of prospects, calls, appointments, sales)?

There is only one way to be successful in your business or anything else. Master the fundamentals—the basics!” To master them you must own them. There is no mystery here. It takes discipline, fundamentals, solid repetitive systems, and activity.